Domestic Violence Attorney Tucson

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who has the same rights as he does if he doesn’t want somebody to treat him the way he treats her then he should learn that this is wrong you there’s various laws throughout the country local state and now Fred where I believe which are meant to protect the woman from domestic abuse however since most females do not report abuse that way this policy.

These policies can help a woman’s reduce secondly the people are supposed to enforce these very laws don’t take this too seriously because most people who enforce the laws are men and men take things lightly or interpreting as another ab-usable.

which is also a man and domestic violence attorney Tucson therefore he won’t take it as seriously or they may just say oh there’s more important crimes and things going on the city also a lot of people in the legal system blame the woman for staying in the relationship instead of just leaving because many women do return to a relationship not because so much she wants to be abused which is what a lot of people say is the reason she returns but because maybe economic reasons maybe that she really loves them maybe for religious reasons or for the kids so there are laws to protect a woman but again it’s limited by who reports it how serious.

The responded takes it and whether or not the guy is gonna change temporarily but then start his abusive behaviors down the road again most females who get killed in the domestic violence situation most of them get killed after the breakup because getting the man cannot tolerate anymore that he lost something which belongs to him possessiveness well unfortunately most.

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