Why Is Tucson Ac Repair Considered Underrated?

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Bit of friction material in this area that when magnetically activated these two pieces are joined together and allows the fully to spend otherwise the pulley can spin freely when the Magnetic clutch is not engaged now looking at this this is kind of a cheesy magnetic clutch if I’m honest I don’t like having to replace electrical connectors I’m sure it works fine I don’t have a lot of faith in it however that’s not a problem what our problem is or what I believe to be our problem is this bearing assembly.

That being said I say we just replace these parts and we leave that guy out of the picture because honestly I think the original equipment want us is even better now what I will do is uh this guy’s a friend of mine I’ll give him this clutch to keep in his car Tucson ac repair and if his compressor clutch ever fails no big deal I’ll go back and I’ll replace this I’ll solder in the connector and away we go but today’s issue is the noise and that’s what we’re here to address so I’m just gonna replace these parts rather.

Than messing with this cheesed up garbage but first I believe we’re gonna have to gain better access to our AC compressor and I will show you how we’ll do that as you can see the space here is very limited I can barely get my finger up in between these two parts and these are the parts that we need to remove from the compressor that being said it looks like there’s just four fasteners that hold this on to the engine block we’ll remove those fasteners the compressor will drop down and when it does I suspect we’ll have enough room to work with it down in this area rather than trying to fight with it up in its current location so we’re removing these four fasteners they have millimeter heads to them.

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