Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Go To Reverse Vasectomy On Your Own

complications all right we actually got to the end of this webinar I’d be delighted to answer questions again hashtag UCLA MD chat for questions and for appointments to see one of the specialists at the men’s clinic the phone number is down here below to call and schedule.

your appointment it looks like we already have some questions so I’ll grab the iPad and we’ll start going okay so here’s a question I like this question is it okay to get a vasectomy now and reverse it later sure so that goes back into the if a guy is pretty sure he doesn’t want to have kids anytime soon is it okay to get a vasectomy and then he can come back later to get it reversed.

The answer is of course it’s vasectomy reversal okay is it % successful no and it goes back to what we just discussed so so if a man is comfortable with the fact that he has a reasonable chance of becoming a dad when he wants to become a dad later in life then that’s a perfectly appropriate route to take however I’m constantly counseling my men for vasectomy that they need to be really sure because not only is it a bigger procedure to get it reversed and because the success rates aren’t anywhere near % for pregnancy.

outcomes then he really needs to think about that one of the other things that I discussed with my men that I counseled for vasectomies is consider banking sperm before you’ve respected me if you’re not sure absolutely that you never want to have children then spending a few hundred bucks on sperm banking before your vasectomy is probably going to be the most cost effective way to achieve fatherhood after revert I’m sorry after vasectomy now of course the downside to that is that once you bank those.

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